Park Street Residents Associaton – Who We Are & What We Do

About The PSRA

The Park Street & District Residents’ Association (PSRA) serves to seek and represent residents’ views on matters affecting Park Street, Colney Street and Frogmore, to organise and support local activities and to enhance village life generally.

The PSRA was formed in 1966 to represent residents in the negotiations over the M25 London Orbital Motorway. A constitution was drawn up and a non-political organisation was formed, which continues to represent our members’ and residents’ views across a wide range of issues.

Today, the majority of households within the area maintain an annual subscription (currently £2.50) for membership of the PSRA. Each member household receives a newsletter twice a year, updating members on local activities, events and other matters of interest.  The newsletter also provides an opportunity for local businesses, tradespersons and leisure groups to advertise their products and services.

The PSRA Committee meets monthly, on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, and the meetings are open for any member to attend. Residents are also able to ask any committee member to raise concerns on their behalf. The committee organises local events such as bi-monthly litter picks, the turning on of the Christmas lights and cheese-and-wine evenings for road agents (volunteers who deliver newsletter and collect subscriptions). It also plays an active part in other events in our Parish of St Stephen, such as the Christmas Carol Service, Remembrance Day Service and best-kept garden competitions. The committee also raises money for local charities and supports local interest groups.

Our aims are to ensure that Park Street and its districts remain desirable places to live and to represent the views of our members. We are always interested in meeting our new residents either at our monthly meetings, through road agents or through committee members. We are a well-respected association and welcome new members, encouraging those of you who are keen to get involved with supporting your village to join the committee.


The Park Street Ward area is highlighted here – courtesy of St Stephens Parish Council

With another view here courtesy of google maps


Who We Are

Vice-Chair Graham Smith (01727) 610634
Honorary General Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Lucille Hurley
Membership Secretary Vacant
Minutes Secretary Dee Youngs: 07956 852212
Plans Secretary Jon Breen: (01727) 875987
Editor  Suzi Clarke
Advertising & Supporting Editor Joy Mendelshon (01727) 530082


Dennis Cowan: (01727) 873365
Sue Getley: (01727) 872507
Laurie Kanka: (01727) 751745
Cllr Nicholas Tyndale: (01727) 872647
Barbara Vernon: (01727) 872092
Honorary President
Sandra Constable (01727) 768127


If you’d like to join please contact either the Vice Chair or email


If you’d like to view the PSRA Constitution please click the link here PSRA Constitution 29032017