Great Plastic Pick Up – Help The Park Street Pickers

Help us fight the largest, most ignored crime of all – LITTER.

Following publicity given by Sir David Attenborough to the issue of plastic in our oceans, the Daily Mail has promoted The Great Plastic Pick Up. We aim to clear our village of litter, including plastic, starting at 10am -July 28th at How Wood Shops. There will be a second team taking to the streets and green spaces on Sunday July 29th meeting at 10 o’clock at Park Street Recreation Ground (Park Street Lane). If you wish to volunteer and support this campaign, but cannot attend either of the 2 community Picks, feel free to collect litter from your own “patch”. If you do, please let us know when you plan your activity. We can loan equipment and do let us know what success you had so we can keep a running total of our efforts.

Until this country changes its culture in regard to litter, we will always need to help our local authorities to cleanse our roads and streets of litter, so why not join our band of “lone rangers”? They, like you, hate litter and have decided to do something about it, like taking a litter-picker and a bag with them when they walk the dog, go for a newspaper/groceries, down to the pub or when they fancy a walk around their area for a breath of fresh air and exercise.

Back to the Great Plastic Pick Up, then. If you can help us on either day or in any way, just send a note to us at We would love to hear of any areas where there is a build-up of litter which we may not be aware of and of any specific road you would like us to visit. Sending us a photograph would be even better!


First 100 Club Winners follow up

Just to show how happy winning the PSRA 100 Club can make you feel, here is a photo of one of our first winners Sandy and Eugenia Bell and Otis.

Sandy was very pleased, saying “It’s a very good return on our initial investment”.

Hopefully Otis will be getting some treats as well.

Will you be our next winner? If you aren’t already signed up, please fill out our application form here or contact your local road agent.

The next winner will be announced soon – will it be you??

Documents for AGM

Ahead of our upcoming AGM, on Tuesday 24th April at 7.30pm, please find our updated

PSRA Constitution PSRA Constitution – 2018

Definition of the Role of President of the PSRA PSRA Constitution – Role of President

And the steps for Dissolution of the PSRA (not that we foresee this, but just updating the plan of action if the worst were to happen) PSRA Constitution – 2018-Dissolution

Please feel free to review, and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.



Our Annual General Meeting will be taking place on Tuesday 24th April.

It will be held at the Park Street Village Hall, in the Small Hall, starting at 7.30pm.

This is your chance to hear what the PSRA has been doing over the last year, and have your input in what we plan to do in the next year and beyond.

If you’d like to attend we’d love to see you there, all we would ask is that you can be seated by 7.20pm so that we can start on time.

And as always, if you’d like to join the committee and fill one of the vacant roles, please speak to one of the committee members there.

We look forward to seeing you there.



Will you be our first winner?

We are piloting an exciting new scheme to raise funds, which will be open to all. We need 100 entries to make this “100 Club”!


  1. In April 2018 we want to pilot a brand new PSRA 100 CLUB for five months (April-August).
  2. For £3 per entry per month you could win one of two £20 prizes. To be in with more chances to win, you can buy more entries, up to a maximum of three entries each month (£9).
  3. You can pay for all 5 months (1st April- 1st August) in a one-off: £15 (1 entry) £30 (2 entries) £45 (3 entries)
  4. There will be a bumper prize of £50* in August.
  5. The first draw will be on April 18th providing we get enough entrants**.
  6. All entrants will be allocated a number and a winner* will be drawn at the PSRA monthly meeting. Prize-winners will receive a cheque.
  7. Payment to enter the 100 Club should be made by bank transfer or standing order. Otherwise by cheque (payable to PSRA); please see the information and application.
  8. Your payment must be received by 14th of each month to be eligible for the draw.

If you are interested in joining our 100 Club, please read the rules here or a hard copy can be obtained from the  Newsletter Editor (please enclose a stamped addressed envelope) and if satisfied fill in the online PSRA 100 Club Application (or hard copy below and please return to Editor) and set up a standing order with your bank.

All applications require the reference to be filled in, which is made up of your surname, followed by initials, followed by your Post Code.

Please also select which payment method you will use. Entries will not be accepted without a valid payment method selected and received prior to the draw.

The PSRA 100 club is in addition to annual subscriptions as a member of the Residents Association.

* To win any prize individuals entries must be up to date and paid fully.

** If we do not have enough entrants we will be unable to pay a prize and refunds will be made

100 CLUB application form

One weekend two Litter Picks

Park Street Pickers, want to try and clear our villages of litter on Saturday and Sunday 20/21 January.
After a break for Christmas and over indulging on festive food you might enjoy an opportunity to get get out and be a bit active while giving our local environment a spot of TLC.

They start at 10am from How Wood shops on Saturday and Park Street Recreation Ground (Park Street Lane) on the Sunday and can provide all the gear, just bring gloves.

If you prefer you can be one of their “Lone Rangers” and look after an area yourself. Ring Dennis on 873365 for more details.

If there is #litter in your road or street let them know, please.

Christmas Lights Turn On Photos

We successfully held our Christmas Lights turn on, on the 30th November.

The evening was a great success, despite some timing issues at the start.

The How Wood School Choir sang some lovely Christmas carols, accompanied by our local Big Band, Badje.

We even had a flurry of snow during the singing of Silent Night. Obviously all co-ordinated and arranged by us!!

We were also proud to have Haydn Stringer from Saracens Rugby Union team present to turn on the lights, and draw our raffle. He even got roped in to turn on a local residents personal lights. So a big thank you from the PSRA to him for giving up his time to help the local community event.

Hopefully everyone who attended enjoyed the evening, especially the mulled wine/hot chocolate/mince pies/BBQ provided by our local bakers and butchers, as well as the local shops including Lily Alley florists holding their own Christmas event, and the other shops that stayed open late.

We need you the community to be involved to keep making this event better every year, so we hope to see you all there next year.